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Navigating your divorce with compassion and expertise. Experience, knowledge, and dedication you are looking for your case.We help you move forward with confidence and clarity.Trust only the best of the best Divorce case Lawyer in Delhi because only we provide the support and guidance you need during your difficult time.

Mr. Deepak Arora is a seasoned legal practitioner who has been operating in the Tees Hazari Court of Delhi for the past decade, specializing in divorce and family law. With a fair and transparent approach, Mr. Arora’s result-oriented strategies have yielded a stellar track record of adjudicating on matters related to Divorce, 498A and matrimonail cases.

Mr. Arora’s expertise in the field is evidenced by his ability to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a case, enabling him to deliver consistent and precise legal advice to his clients. He is known for his supportive and friendly demeanor, while adhering to the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.

Mr. Arora was enrolled in the bar in 2012. If you are seeking the services of the best divorce advocate in Rohini Court, Saket Court, Tis Hazari Court or any other court in Delhi, Mr. Deepak Arora is among the most reputable and trusted legal practitioners in the field, with a proven 100% winning track record of successfully resolving divorce cases.


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100+cases from other states

99% Strike Rate

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Experienced divorce advocate with proven track record of successful cases.


Tailored legal services that meet each client’s unique needs.


Expert knowledge of family law, including complex divorce cases.


Focus on achieving the best possible outcome for clients.


A compassionate and understanding approach to clients emotional needs during the divorce process.


Thorough attention to detail and dedication to keeping clients informed throughout their case.


Skilled in handling high-net-worth divorce cases and other complex financial issues.


Able to handle international divorce cases with ease and expertise.


Strong communication and negotiation skills to achieve favorable settlements and outcomes.


Recognized by peers and clients as a top divorce advocate in the region.

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